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Checkpoint Coffee

(20 customer reviews)

From: $14.99

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Checkpoint Mug – optional

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Product Description

Our Checkpoint coffee is a lightly roasted blend of South American coffee beans that are perfect as an early sunrise roast. Tasting notes include walnuts, toffee, mild apple, and slight raisin.

Environmentally friendly fully washed processing and sun dried. This coffee is grown in both partial and full sun at high mountain elevations.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee.

Optional: Checkpoint Mug

The Checkpoint Mug is perfect for that morning pre-game coffee, with a design that matches the coffee! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand both the microwave and the dishwasher.

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy

This product is made on-demand – please see our shipping & returns policy before placing an order.

Products are shipped separately.

20 reviews for Checkpoint Coffee

  1. Screwscrew

    Easily my favorite coffee

  2. Rahel26952

    I really like this coffee. First thing in the morning this great tasting coffee is just what I need to wake up with. I will definitely be adding this to my morning coffee routine, and I also intend to try all the other ones after this as I was really pleasantly surprised with this blend.

    I usually don’t do reviews but thought I had to for this as I normally use reviews when deciding to buy and this one doesn’t have many. Good luck.

  3. Hope

    Everything arrived in a few days and I love it. The mug is a great addition to my growing collection and the coffee is seeing me through this lockdown

  4. goyohed115

    All I can say is wow. Just wow <3

  5. Austin Fariello

    Since I got the coffee I started hitting a lot less checkpoints 😉 10/10 100%

  6. Justin C.

    Excellent blend. Balanced and flavorful, my new go-to morning coffee.

  7. Justin Crandell

    The more I drink it the better it gets. There’s this toffee note to the flavor that just rocks my world. Cannot recommend it enough. I’m probably missing out on other roasts because I’m so hung up on this one but it’s just so gosh darn good y’all.

  8. Kyle

    Wow, can not believe how fresh this coffee is.

  9. Quitman

    A perfect coffee for a perfect morning. I would definitely recommend giving this one a try.

  10. Mike Bramma

    Received mine today, lovely coffee, just what I needed. THANK YOU

  11. Peyops review

    Wow, just had my first cup of this beautiful coffee during my stream and I must say I’m blown away. I was expecting a generic coffee taste but everything about this is delicious. Hoping to get a sponsorship with you guys so I can promote this to my twitch audience

  12. Terminator66_

    Arrived quickly. Smells amazing. Tastes even better. More pls.

  13. Webster_Games

    Easily one of the best coffee’s i’ve ever tasted.
    Not my favourite so far but definitely a great coffee overall

  14. Joanna

    This makes an excellent morning cup. Thanks for the recommendation and we can’t wait to try the others

  15. Cilate

    Got this on sale and because people on Twitter recommended it, and I was not disappointed. My 24h stream went flawlessly and I can only thank this coffee for keeping me up

  16. Edward

    Great taste and wakes me right up every morning.

  17. Steve

    I bought this at the start of lockdown for me and my girlfriend after seeing some good reviews on twitter and we’ve both been pleasantly surprised by how good it actually tastes. We’ve both been drinking it every morning and the pot is always empty by lunch time.

  18. Resifi

    Great coffee, great brand

  19. Tinihe9

    Amazing coffee!

  20. Socep

    This is one of my favorites. This to wake up to, and Campaign to get me through the day.

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