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Dark Ops Coffee

(19 customer reviews)

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Deep Dark Roast


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Dark Ops Mug

Perfect for your Dark Ops Coffee!

Product Description

Discover the dark secrets of the operation with the bold taste of Dark Ops. Featuring an oil sheen and a rich bittersweet flavor, Dark Ops is our deepest darkest roast using our highest scoring African coffee beans giving a low acidity.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee.

Optional: Dark Ops Mug

The Dark Ops Mug is perfect for that morning pre-game coffee, with a design that matches the coffee! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand both the microwave and the dishwasher.

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy

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Products are shipped separately.

19 reviews for Dark Ops Coffee

  1. Richie

    I was always a big fan of Colombian Kill Streak but having tried this it’s now my new favorite. Well worth trying!

  2. Summer Wade

    I’ve tried many brands & types of coffee but this one just seems to be a cut above the rest. A morning cup of Dark Ops just seems to get the day off to a perfect start.

  3. CM

    The more I drink it, the more I like it! It makes a really nice and smooth cup of coffee that has a rich, lingering flavour and hardly any bitterness with just a hint of acidity. After a tiny bit of trial and error, I find the best way to drink this is black with zero sugar. I’m very happy to recommend this – It will not disappoint.

  4. Lianne

    I quite enjoy Dark Ops as a good ‘Weekends’ brew to get me going for a long day of grinding on Path of Exile, or popping heads on 7 Days to Die, or even exploring the Portal Seekers Shops on Boundless. I bought it in Whole Bean for the added freshness that my Coffee Grinder/French Press combo can provide!
    Quite exceptional quality for the value! I will indeed purchase more!

  5. Devin Logue

    This is one of the richest dark coffees I have ever tasted. Certainly a good wholesome flavor that really relaxes me. My girlfriend, who is a coffee fiend, absolutely loves it as well. Would recommend to anyone.

  6. Amanda Higgs

    A very successful Christmas present. My partner adores coffee and gaming, this hit the spot!

  7. TastefulGamer

    Great taste, excellent smell

  8. Patricia

    Dark ops is strong but not too bitter. Definitely gets your day going.

  9. CDA

    I can not vouch for this enough

  10. rase******

    Mine arrived on the weekend, just had my first cup of this and I’m loving it so far. Tastes great and you definitely feel awake soon after it.

  11. Webster_Games

    Holy jesus! It’s so strong and i love it!

  12. Bella M

    Wow, this coffee is rich, strong and tastes amazing!
    Love love love
    Will definitely buy again 🔥

  13. CWilliams

    Just having our first cup. Fantastic flavor. Cheers Gamer grind.

  14. Mikoxak

    I LOVE dark coffee and this coffee is just perfect

  15. Grokleft96

    This coffee has been my go-to for the past 6 months or so. The quality of the beans compared to the price is probably the best I have ever seen. The 32oz is a huge bag and lasts me about 2 weeks before it’s time to reorder (I drink a lot of coffee…)

  16. Jasosa

    I ordered the bundle with all the coffees in, and was asked on Twitter which one was my favorite. THIS one is my favorite! They’re all really good, maybe I just prefer a darker roast.

  17. Jonathan

    I love a good dark roast and this is up there with the GOATs

  18. Jekiviw197

    I can’t decide if I like this or the dark roasted kill-streak more, either way they’re both fantastic coffees and I’m delighted I found this.

  19. Dave M.

    This is strong coffee and very tasty if you like dark roasts.

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