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Headshot Coffee

(15 customer reviews)

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Medium Roast


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Headshot Mug

Perfect for your Headshot Coffee!

Product Description

Our Headshot coffee is a medium roast blend of select coffee beans from Central and South America which are smooth, clean, and consistent for a flavorful cup every time. Tasting notes include a nutty sweet chocolate and mild citrus with a clean bright finish. These blended beans are natural dry processed, wet mill washed, and sun dried using techniques which are environmentally friendly.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee.

Optional: Headshot Mug

The Headshot Mug is perfect for that morning pre-game coffee, with a design that matches the coffee! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand both the microwave and the dishwasher.

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy

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15 reviews for Headshot Coffee

  1. David

    I bought this coffee along with Colombian Killstreak to try and you can really taste the quality in the coffee. Shipping was quick, and upon opening the package I can tell you guys have clearly put in a lot of work and I’m pleasantly surprised. Huge fan of this company.

  2. John

    It takes a lot to impress someone like me who enjoys endless amounts of coffee, but this stuff really is quality coffee. It tastes great and doesn’t require a bunch of sugar, I really love it. I had a medium roast.

  3. LukeTV

    best coffee

  4. TrashLumberBaby

  5. Orion

    Delightfully impressed by this coffee. Had it medium difficulty/roasted and the flavor is just something else compared to other brands.

  6. marwheeler

    This is one of my favorite coffees at the moment. I drink it as a black Americano. The flavor is full and rounded and the finish is clean and bright, no bitterness at all. A really enjoyable coffee.

  7. Frenchose

    Un des meilleurs

  8. Dustin Lowe

    Just the smell alone once I opened the packaging was enough to get me goin! I bought the Headshot coffee and absolutely love it! Tastes great and gets my blood pumping! 10/10 🤘

  9. Denamat498

    Extremely good coffee. I use it for those tougher mornings. Delivered as promised in all ways as always.

  10. Carapi2786

    Head shot is superb! The flavor is so smooth

  11. pocad22200

    Great coffee – present from the wife. She spoiled me with a 32oz bag and I’m in heaven

  12. Cisen

    This beast came through the door and I knew right away what it was just by the heavenly smell. We tried our first pot this morning and I am so glad this company exists because I absolutely love this stuff. We can’t wait to try the other blends, particularly some of the streamer blends

  13. Seko

    This coffee is fantastic and it looks perfect in the matching mug

  14. Gerald G

    After trying Headshot for a few weeks I feel like I’ve definitely upped my game. I feel more focused and alert and to be honest this just tastes much better and is healthier than energy drinks

  15. Vox

    One of the GOAT coffees! Even better with the subscription discount every month.

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