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Kill-Streak Coffee

(31 customer reviews)

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Kill-Streak Mug

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Product Description

Our Kill-Streak coffee is grown at an elevation of 3,800-4,400 feet in the Antioquia & Calda regions of Colombia. It features a popular toffee aftertaste along with cocoa, dried apples, and mild red fruit. Kill-Streak has a fairly mild to heavy body, and keeps its flavor even as it cools – perfect for those long gaming sessions where you forget your coffee has been sitting there for three hours untouched.

Environmentally friendly washed processing, sun dried, and hand selected. Roasted to your liking (Light Roast, Medium Roast, or Dark Roast).

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee.

🏆 Voted #BestCoffee February 2019.

Optional: Kill-Streak Mug

The Kill-Streak Mug is perfect for that morning pre-game coffee, with a design that matches the coffee! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand both the microwave and the dishwasher.

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy

This product is made on-demand – please see our shipping & returns policy before placing an order.

Products are shipped separately.

31 reviews for Kill-Streak Coffee

  1. David

    Amazing flavor. Definitely keeping a stock of this for my LAN parties.

  2. Robert Henson

    By far my favorite coffee. You can smell how fresh it is as soon as you open the bag such a huge difference to other brands. I will be ordering again for sure!

  3. Foxfire

    Colombian Kill Streak is my new favorite gaming coffee. I love the smooth velvety taste every cup is totally delicous. Great coffee, great value, great taste! PLEASE get k-cups!

  4. Dark Angel

    I drink my coffee black with no creamer or sugar, so it’s important for the flavor to be good. This coffee stands up to the test and I absolutely love it. I tried medium roast which was smooth and very tasty, plus it had the proper caffeine kick to keep me going without being too much to handle and that’s exactly what I’m after.

  5. Bowo Kafa

    This coffee is tha BOMB.

  6. Amy

    It’s a darn tootin good cup of coffee!

  7. Iain Esparza

    I love Gamer Grind coffee and this was delivered quickly and definitely delivers on flavor

  8. scorpionstreamers

    i like it def one of my favorite coffee products

  9. Andrew Brown

    My wife and I are both heavy gamers and even heavier coffee drinkers and have tried many different brands, we were stoked to see a coffee for gamers and ordered this right away. It arrived a few days later and I’m delighted to say I highly recommend this coffee it is now one of our favorites.

    It has a smooth and rich flavour without being overpowering or bitter. I normally put sugar in my coffee but not with this. It’s very drinkable so I’m pleased it comes in such a large size. Family & friends have also commented on the flavor and asked for the brand and I was happy to share.

    My wife also made it into iced coffee and it tastes even better!

  10. Lewis L

    I bought this as a gift and my friend is delighted with the product.

  11. Harley

    I thought my regular coffee from Walmart was good, but it’s nothing in comparison to this! You really can taste the freshness

  12. unearthlywalnut

    I have been an avid coffee drinker since I was a kid always asking my grandmother to make me coffee like hers, as I got older I have bought different coffees and when my job takes me out of state tried new flavors but the killstreak coffee has to be my absolute favorite with a dark course blend. I do use hazelnut creamer but the bold flavor of the killstreak just blasts through with a very full bodied, bold, but smooth flavor that I love.

  13. dabevo1621

    I used to buy coffee at walmart. No more of that for me! This is very high quality and a great price. I will be trying the other roasts next month.

  14. derek m baker

    first time having coffee and i have to say kill streak coffee is so good i would recommend to my friends

  15. Kyle Burton

    Just pure heaven.

  16. Wishaw

    I’m so glad you guys finally came to the UK meaning I get to try this with cheap postage. It came in a couple of days and I could smell it through the packaging! This is delicious and I can’t wait to try the other coffee blends.

  17. Tamrex

    After staying up late last night streaming on Twitch I was rudely awakened this morning by the mail man at my door. His life was thankfully spared due to this coffee being what he was delivering. My god this coffee is so good!

  18. Craig

    I was disappointed that GamerGrindCo didn’t have K-Cups, but after speaking with them on Twitter I was advised to get a reusable k-cup to be more eco friendly. I honestly didn’t even know these things existed but I’m glad I do now, and this coffee is delicious and easily worth the investment of a reusable k-cup filter. Thanks GamerGrindCo you’ve just gained a new lifer 😘

  19. Andrew

    The coffee arrived fast and tastes great thank you

  20. Cilate

    Just opened this up and oh my god this is good coffee. I knew you were good from the reviews on Twitter but this is next level stuff right here

  21. Maria S

    Very tasty coffee, this stuff will definitely keep you awake. I’ve had different coffees from other brands and they just didn’t live up to my expectations.

  22. Lee N

    Literally just got a bag of this. Ordered Wednesday last week was shipped Thursday and received today (Saturday). They don’t lie, its bloody good coffee. Loving it.

  23. Jacqueline

    Brilliant stuff ☕ on my 3rd batch. 2 cups of it and I’m incredibly awake

  24. Lokom P

    Smell 10/10. Taste 10/10. Ground and roasted to perfection.

  25. wite64

    I am a coffee addict and Killstreak is my absolute favorite. I prefer the dark roast which has a great full bodied flavor

  26. June

    Came in the mail today after I ordered on Tuesday. Fast UK shipping! The coffee tastes and smells delicious. TY

  27. itscodechris

    I thought that it might have been a little darker of a coffee. The flavor is great. It tastes wonderful, I just prefer a little darker coffee.

  28. Waxali3265

    I prefer a strong and bold medium roasted cup of joe. I purchased a 10oz bag of coffee to try before I committed to a larger bag, and I was keen to grind the beans myself in the morning for that added freshness so went with whole bean.

    When the coffee arrived this morning (only a few days after ordering) it smelled strong, clean and fresh, and that was before I’d even opened it thanks to the valve on the bag.

    I just hand ground some beans and put them through my Aeropress coffee maker. First impressions, the cup of coffee is great and hits strong! These beans are really good quality and the resulting cup is flavorful and I look forward to trying this again tomorrow morning.

    Before this bag runs out I’ll likely be buying the 32oz bag, and also sampling some other flavors.

  29. Jekiviw197

    As a fan of dark roasted coffee I tried a bag of this along with the dark ops. Both arrived very quickly and I was blown away by how good they both are, as I said in my other review I can’t decide which one I like more.

  30. Jennifer B

    My son in law loves it. It was a Xmas gift

  31. Lomax

    This coffee was recommended to me on Twitter. When I first ordered I was debating the subscription option for the discount because I didn’t know if I would like it but boy do I wish I did. It tasted perfect for an all-round cup of coffee and I’ve just come back to order it monthly with the discount

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