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GamerGrindCo Coffee Milkshake Recipe

I was sitting at home with my Fiancé, and she will tell you I do weird things with food all the time. I wanted some coffee but I also was in the mood for something cool and chocolate flavored, so I decided to combine the two haha.

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The Only Pumpkin Spice I’ll Drink + Iced coffee recipe (Guest post)

You can always tell as soon as fall comes… The scent of pumpkin spice everything is strong on the breeze. I’m one of those rare women who actually generally hates pumpkin spice and won’t flock to Starbucks on September 1st to order my latte. That being said, when I saw posts on my Twitter feed for the limited edition pumpkin spice Thirteen roast, I was very intrigued. I decided to order some before it was gone… Who can resist “limited edition”, right?

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