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THIS IS MORE THAN A PODCAST – The GamerGrindCo ShowCast Episode #000

In case you missed it on our Twitch channel, here’s the very first episode of the GamerGrindCo community showcast (technically episode #000) introducing your hosts Supherbyus & Bobthracer.

SO much work has gone into making this happen. Hats off to both Bobthracer and Supherbyus for how incredible the show looks. Make sure to follow both of these guys across social media (links below) – and subscribe to our shiny new YouTube channel!

The GamerGrindCo community showcast will be premiering on Twitch once a month, and will feature interviews with our Partners and Influencers. If you’re a GamerGrindCo Partner or Influencer interested in appearing on the show for an interview with Bob & Supher then let us know.

Check out Bobthracer on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitch.

And check out Supherbyus on Twitter, Instagram, & Twitch.

#OnThatGrind #GGCShowCast

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