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Now roasting in the UK

Shipping to the UK is expensive, damn

It takes way too long to get to the UK, I’m getting caffeine withdrawals

If it takes so long to arrive in the UK, wouldn’t it lose some of it’s freshness by the time it arrives?

Are you my real mum?

Boo, hiss

We heard you. Oh boy did we hear you. Our inboxes were flooded with it. Well we now finally have the fix. (coffee-fix, get it?)

Gamer Grind Co. – Now roasting in the United Kingdom. It’s taken us all year to make this happen, but now you great brits can enjoy our fresh expertly-roasted coffee without the ridiculous overseas shipping cost and time, and it’ll arrive a whole lot fresher too. Plus our poor customer support rep can finally catch a break from the angry mob.

And no, we’re not your mum. It’s mom. 🙄

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